ELBA is the sound of powerful Scandinavian pop at its finest. With a series of uncompromisingly well-written singles on her hand, ELBA is well on her way to become one of Denmark’s next big female pop artists.

Her energetic and catchy synthpop manages to be both dramatic in its emotions and experimental in its production. It’s empowering and powerful pop music that can both break your heart and set fire to the dance floor.

Hiding behind ELBA you find Ellen Bathum – not only a gifted singer, but also a musical craftswoman in her own right. Ellen is deeply involved in every aspect of her music from songwriting, to production even mixing and mastering. Ellen’s perfectionism allows her individuality to shine through in her music that pays tribute to icons such as Aurora, MØ and Robyn.

ELBA is already making waves inside the danish music scene. She’s played prominent festivals such as Roskilde Festival & Spot Festival and played on the main stage of important cultural events such as Copenhagen Pride.

Her latest single ‘700 Angels’ received great attention in both Denmark and Germany. The song made radio rotation on Danish Radio’s ‘P3’ and received airplay on the sister channel ‘P4’ and German ‘Bayern 3’.

Ellen is currently working on her next EP and with a strong producer team behind her ‘ELBA’ is definitely a danish artist to keep a close eye on.